Video Lamp

It’s hard to get good lighting at low cost, here’s the way to do it. You can get an LED strip kit from Amazon for less than $ 20.00 CDN and it’ll allow you to make a video light. All you need is a 3D printer that prints on a 220mm X 220mm bed. I chose a cool white of around 3000K and for a total of 288 LEDS per video light.

My workshop is a small room about 2.7 meters wide and I have shelves on each side, which makes it ideal for this type of installation.


To be printed

Download the file to print directly.

Go to Thingiverse to download the file.


Cut twenty-four (24) pieces of LED strip of 20 cm each, once cut, remove the part next to the LED.

Install the strips in the same direction, the first strip should be about 2 mm from the edge.

1 – For more convenience, place the two holes for the DC connectors upwards, then install the strips from top to bottom and you have to put them all in the same direction.

2 – When you get to the center, leave a space to be able to install the screws through the hole.

Put the switch off on a row of copper-colored connector.

Install the two connectors, then tighten them with the nut.

Cut twenty-three (23) pieces of red and black wire approximately 15mm each (AWG26).

Also to be cut:

  • 1 red wire of 180 mm and another of 60 mm (AWG18)
  • 1 black wire of 180 mm and another of 60 mm (AWG18)

Solder the wires to the connectors, the red wires to the plus (+) and the black wires to the minus (-).

Solder the two 180 mm wires (the red and the black) as well as the other two 60 mm.

A little personalized touch, but not necessary.

Install the two DC connectors.

Remove the cover from the regulator and disconnect the wire from the integrated circuit.

Install the four wires (2 red and 2 black of about 100 mm) on the screw terminal.

Install the potentiometer and switch.

Reconnect the wires then close the cover.

Solder the red and black wires (POWER) to the DC connector (6 – 30 volts IN), normally the shorter pin is the positive (+) on the DC connector.

Solder the red and black wires (MOTOR) to the DC connector (Output)

Install the 170mm x 170mm plexiglass, then the outline, you can also glue the outline to make sure it holds well.

The stick used in this case has a length of 2.1 meters and a diameter of 35 mm.

Insert one tablet tip, the video light holder, and the other tablet tip.

Installation is pretty straightforward, install a shelf end cap on each side, then tighten the screws to hold them in place.

Install the video light and adjust it as needed.

If you are installing two video lights, then connect them with a male / male DC cable.

To finish, all that remains is to connect the DC 12 volt and the DC male / male cable of the desired length from the controller (Output) to the video light.

As for the power supply, you can use the power supply supplied with the leds, otherwise use a 12 volts 2 amps power supply. For my part I use a 3D printer power supply.

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