Automatic candy dispenser

This is an extremely easy project to carry out. It’s a contactless candy dispenser. I haven’t tried several kinds of candy, but it works well with the “Jelly Beans” as well as the M and M. For the top (candy container), you will have the choice of using a jar of Costco nuts or simply print the jar you find in the file.



Install the Arduino Nano’s programming right away.

Make sure you have the right USB port (your USB port may be different from the one in the photo) and choose the Arduino Nano card. Simply install the program in the Arduino Nano and then you will make the adjustments with water when everything is assembled.


Download the file to be printed directly.

Go to Thingiverse to download and see the required configurations.


Now that your Arduino Nano is programmed, do the tests on a mock-up for all adjustments.

You have to make a hole to pass the wire of the servo engine.

Put the bearing in place in the case.

Install the other bearing on the barrel and put the other end of the barrel in the bearing that has been placed previously.

Install the bearing support and put both screws.

You have to smooth out two sides of the gear. Remove about 1mm on each side to enter the toothed wheel.

Insert the toothed wheel, then put the fis that comes with the servo engine.

Install the servo engine, then put the four screws.

Pass the wire through the hole you made at the beginning.

Install and screw the Ek1254 Infrared IR

I recommend you turn off the connector to make it easier to make your connections.

It’s a very simple assembly, but what’s important to remember is that if you install batteries instead of the DC connector, it’s going to cost you a lot of batteries. The servo engine is very energy-intensive and even if you install a transformer I recommend you go with 5 volt 2 amp otherwise, there is a good chance that it does not work well.

Little trick… To adjust the barrel, you compress the two corners (where the arrows are) and turn the barrel with your thumb.

Install the top part then, put both screws.

Put the candy in the pot install both screws on each side and it’s over.

I used a jar that comes from Costco, it was a jar of nuts, but you have the choice to print the jar that is included in the file or take any pot with a lid of 11cm (inner measure) maximum.

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