Adrien Laroche taking a selfie in the snow with his thumb up

Hello everyone,

My name is Adrien Laroche, I am passionate about technology products. From a very young age I started doing electronic editing and a few years later I started computer programming (basic language on a Radio Shack Tandy) but only as a hobby, other programming languages followed as well as web programming, always as a hobby, my regular work takes place in the factory.

Over the years I have accumulated a lot of knowledge in electronics (especially with Arduino, why break my head), computer science and DIY of all kinds. The years have passed and 3D printers have arrived on the shelves (yes… Internet tablets). That’s when I decided to buy an Anet A6 printer.

From thread to needle I got other printers, I even designed one (it is on this site as well as on Thingievers), now I think it’s my turn to help you through your achievements, maybe you’ll learn some useful trick.

I sincerely hope that my ideas will help you develop yours.